Ron’s mission is all about helping people.

About Ron Christensen

Licensed as a Realtor and serving Calgarians since 1987 is what Ron is about. Also having a very diverse background in mortgage brokering and housing construction proves essential. Three decades of hands-on experience ensures you will be professionally represented, thus surpassing your highest expectations.

Expecting respect, professionalism, and integrity from your Realtor is reasonable, and this is what you will receive. With your criteria and agenda in hand, we guide you to your goals and dreams. Clients today are very “information savvy” thanks to our computer age, accordingly, knowing plenty about the basics. Initially, when a potential buyer walks into Ron’s open house, he introduces himself. Some potential buyers will just acknowledge this without reciprocating their name. This scenario can arise due to the “hard sell” some Realtors use. “Pushing” for full particulars including phone #, emails, etc. makes most of us uncomfortable and distant, thus turned off.

Experience is a critical asset

Practice tells me, if I start getting pressure tactics, I immediately disconnect. Today’s technology allows us to assist clients without being invasive. As this is how we make our living, Realtors do not want to waste valuable time and resources on tire kickers. Hence, we prefer to assist those in need of our professional services. Nevertheless, for the serious clients that are not in a hurry, we can start by setting them up on “Auto E-mail” programs. Sending them listings, “particular” to their criteria allows them to move at their desired speed. Having full details on properties that Realtors have, now allows them to continue at their leisure without feeling pressured.

Finding a property of interest they would like to view; they simply call us, and we take care of the rest. As well, if a client requires info on mortgages or pre-qualification, we have the resources to assist them. Today’s biggest misconception is that your bank, whom you have been with for 20 years, will give you the best deal. Exactly the opposite is factual! Already having your trust, they will always quote you higher rates & less attractive terms. Competitors, however, who want to earn your business, will bend over backward for you.

Ron Christensen


Watching and participating in the local real estate market for three decades, Ron has gathered invaluable experience. Assisting clients to buy & sell their homes makes the experience an enjoyable one. I am thrilled you are considering us as your real estate partner. Please contact us for more information.

Ron Christensen’s mission is to give the most exemplary service available to his clients. With 31(plus) years in Calgary’s real estate market, Ron has acquired and honed all the essential skills and principals. Because Ron enjoys his position of helping others so much, you can’t help but feel totally at ease. Offering no pressure and a straight up honest approach works well for everyone. Accompanied by CIR’s decades of successful leadership in Canada’s real estate industry, clients receive the absolute best service. Since CIR’s conception, we have grown to one of Calgary’s largest real estate companies.

CIR’s vast size gives us access to second to none experienced associates. Globally, our referral network continually has clients moving in and out of Calgary. Taking the burden off of our customers, they now don’t have to worry about searching for a qualified professional themselves. We take the complete real estate experience to a whole new level of excitement and make it a very enjoyable event. We look forward to meeting you and helping you thru one of your life’s most exciting moves.